Partbred registration with the Association of the Foundation Andalusian HorseSM

The Andalusian has reigned for centuries all over the world as the embodiment of perfection in horseflesh. With that reputation the results can be no less than phenomenal when the Andalusian is crossed with other breeds that have great traits of their own.
It has already been used for improvement of other breeds throughout history thus the creation of many of today’s breeds that carry Andalusian heritage. Eighty percent of todays breeds carry Andaluisan heritage. Even today because of the outstanding results,  several new breeds have been created from the Andalusian such as the Azteca, American Azteca, Warlander, Hispano Arab and the Spanish Norman horse to name a few. 

 By adding fluid movement, stamina, beauty, intelligence, temperament and trainability to another breed you get a horse that excels on many levels. Even health, bone and hooves can be improved by adding Andalusian blood.
The partbred Andalusians are remarkable and are storming into the equestrian world in all disciplines. Their versatility is unequalled and their uses unlimited.


jump saddleseat western dressage

driving Hunt

biow* If you want a horse that you can use for everything.

* If you want a horse that is dependable and wants to work with you.

* If you want a horse that is a beautiful, talented and a willing partner.

You WILL want to try a partbred Andalusian!

Choose a breed that is closest to your heart and buy or breed a cross with an Andalusian and you will have a wonderful companion and a winning partner for years to come!

Raven Az1 AZ4 SN2 AZ2



The Association of the Foundation AndalusianSM registers partbred Andalusians . If your horse has one parent that is a purebred Andalusian your horse is eligible for registry.  To register your horse and view registration details see registration page