Association of the Foundation Andalusian Horse


What are we?

Registry for horses of the Andalusian breed.

What is our purpose ?

To protect and to preserve the Ancient or “Foundation AndalusianSM” horse and encourage its legacy into the future.

What is “Foundation” ?

A foundation is the basis, origin, start or establishment from which something came or was built on.
That which something is founded on, the act of founding, establishing or beginning.

What is a “Foundation horse ”?

Foundation horses are horses that are the progenitor or foundation of a new horse breed or given bloodline within a breed. A group of animals collectively may be referred to as foundation bloodstock when one breed or group of breeds provided the underlying genetic base for a new breed. This is particularly common in older breeds where a written studbook was not created until after the breed phenotype was well established.

The term "Foundation" when applied to horses also may be used to refer to animals of a phenotype that resembles that of the original foundation stock, particularly when the modern look of the animal is different. It may also refer to animals tracing only to a select number of the oldest foundation bloodlines, particularly when new breeding or selection has been added that changed the original phenotype.

What is the Foundation AndalusianSM horse ?

A breed of Iberian horse that existed prior to the split of the studbooks of the mother countries and from a time when all horses of the Iberian Peninsula knew no borders. The Foundation breed from which the PRE and Lusitano came.

What horses qualify for Registry ?

The Purebred Andalusian horse shall consist of either bloodline or combination of both bloodlines of the horses from Spain and Portugal whose pedigree traces to the Spanish studbook, the Portuguese studbook or both. The Partbred Andalusian horse shall be any horse that has one purebred Andalusian parent as mentioned above.